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Teach your students with visual prompts. Aid learning and retention with custom-built interactive content. With simple, cost-effective pricing.

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"Great product"
This is a great tool to help our onboarding process become easier.
— Anthony Nguyen
An interactive, labelled diagram of a microscope
An interactive diagram of a rocket with an active popup

Practical learning without the cost

Drop your students into the action from the comfort of their own home. Get them familiar with layouts, equipment, and procedures without the need to be in the physical location.
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Save cost and hassle requiring students to be physically present to learn
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Give students practical experience of the processes they are learning in a cost-effective and repeatable way
The Drawpoint embed code allows you to paste your interactive content into any website with no configuration

Your content - wherever you want it

Host the interactive content on the Drawpoint website or embed directly into your website or LMS with a simple copy/paste.
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By default all content is hosted on the Drawpoint website. You'll get a shareable link to give out which will display the interactive content full-screen.
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Display the content wherever you want: copy the embed code and paste it in your website or LMS, your interactive content will display immediately.

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